Anti-Tipping Mug

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Anti-Tipping Mug
Anti-Tipping Mug
Anti-Tipping Mug
Anti-Tipping Mug
Anti-Tipping Mug
Anti-Tipping Mug
Anti-Tipping Mug
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  • Material: PE, PP, and ABS
  • Unspillable cup
  • Stands itself when bumped
  • No spills & stains
  • Thermal insulated interior
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • Ideal for car trips and on-the-go coffee sips
  • Capacity: 18oz
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This Magic Mug is the sturdiest and steadiest mug you’ll ever use!

Your proposal is almost complete. Just a few more changes, and you're done for the day. Relaxing your neck, you stood up, thinking of getting a warm cup of coffee to motivate you to do the rest of your work.

Putting the coffee on the table, you turned around to get the files to clear a point at the end. And, boom! Your cup tilted over with your elbow hit and spilled all the liquid inside onto your papers!

Argh, there goes your chance to finish work on time to score some brownie points and be in the good books of your boss!

Avoid any such horrific and panicky situation in the future with the anti-tipping mug!

This no tip cup will prevent your work area from getting messy. You can put it anywhere, and you won't have to worry because our spill proof mug stands on its own, even if you knock it accidentally.

What you’ll get:

  • A spill-free mighty mug that stands up to all others 

  • Uses an untippable security suction cup that holds fast to any flat surface and won’t come loose, even when bumped, so your mug won't tip over

  • Ideal for car trips and on-the-go coffee sips 

  • The no tip cups have a capacity of 18 oz so you can enjoy your daily caffeine energy

  • Our unspillable coffee cup has a thermal insulated interior to keep liquids cold and hot

  • The cup that never spills so you  get a clean, stain-free, and mess-free space 

  • Choose from Blue, Black, White, or Red no tip travel mug and take one for all your friends and family

How does an unspillable cup work?

The science behind the non tipping cup is that it uses an untippable security suction cup that creates a sealed system at the bottom, so it stands back right after tipping. That’s why you don’t spill the inside liquid after accidentally yanking it.