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Argyle V. 1.1 mini 2

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Version 1.1 mini is a new smaller version. Now it has the same size as Argyle V3. In this version, the same sliding magnetic fidget is used as in the old version, only supplemented with plates that hide the magnets. The movement and performance are the same as the original V1.1 version, including the internal components, adding plates to hide the magnets. The slider body is made of titanium and decorated with a new design pattern. To protect the metal from scratches, V.1.1 mini is treated with a laser, which creates a very durable coating. It is also smooth as glass, which allows you to perform excellent actions without any scratches, which are characteristic of many titanium sliders. This coating is very durable and provides trouble-free use for many years, bringing you 100% pleasure and peace of mind. We recommend wiping both halves of the slider with a soft cloth before use to remove all possible abrasive particles that may get between the sliding plates. Like all my projects, this slider is made by me personally. Thank you for all your love and support. I hope this slider will bring you a lot of joy in the future. Ivan Gostev.