Belita Magic of Morocco Hair Balm with Ghassoul Clay and Black Cumin Oil 200 ml

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  • Ghassoul clay is an unusual clay that is mined from the vent of a volcano. It has a high content of SiO2 and MgO. This is a great SPA product for preserving beauty and youth.
    Moringa extract is an extract from the leaves of a unique tree, called the “miracle tree”, due to its valuable, ultra-healthy properties.
    Sesame oil nourishes the skin, softens it, restores barrier functions, and prevents the negative effects of UV radiation.
    Black cumin oil has long been used by oriental beauties to maintain youth, beauty and maintain a slender figure.
    The BioDTox complex tightens pores, reduces skin flaking, reduces transepidermal water loss, provides reliable protection against oxidative stress, reduces water content in tissues, and activates skin cell detoxification processes.
    The active component of SymFit™ acts on the adipose tissue located deep under the skin, working in three directions:
    slows down the formation of new fat cells by 80%*
    stimulates the breakdown of fats by 60%*
    prevents cells from being filled with fat by 55%*
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