BIELITA & VITEX Aloe Multifunctional 7-in-1 Care GEL for Face, Hands & Body

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  • Moisturizing Care GEL 
    for Face, Hands & Body
    ·      EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE FOR SKIN- Unique Multifunctional Care Gel provides emergency assistance to any skin type, especially dry, tired, mature and sensitive: it deeply moisturizes and nourishes dry skin, does not provoke an undesirable gloss on the oily skin; soothes, relieves irritation, increases the protective function of skin, significantly improves its tone and elasticity, makes it attractively smooth, soft and silky.
    ·      FACE CARE– Gel can be used as a moisturizing care gel; saturated mask for face, neck and decollete; toning gel for fatigue around eyes and soothing gel after shaving. Result: deep moisturizing of skin; elimination of irritations, dryness and tightness; preventing appearance of “crow's feet”; reducing puffiness, eliminating signs of fatigue. In addition you can apply care gel as moisturizing foundation, cooling patches for the skin around eyes and tonic ice cubes for face and skin around eyes.
    ·      BODY CARE- Multifunctional Care Gel can be used as a moisturizing care gel for hands and body; soothing gel after sunburn and moisturizing gel after depilation.
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