BIELITA & VITEX Pure Green | Face Day Cream-Primer Rash-Prone, Oily & Comb. Skin

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  • Mattifying Face Day Cream-Primer
    ·      FIX MAKE-UP– Primer facilitates the application of make-up and makes the result more perfect. It takes care of your skin and transforms it - fills skin imperfection and fixes make-up, creating the effect of flawless skin. Skin feels smooth to the touch.
    ·      MATTE EFFECT– Cream-primer eliminates oily shine, creating the effect of matte skin. Green tea, contained in cream, protects skin from photo aging, soothes it and eliminates excessive oiliness. Primer for prone to rashes skin is an ideal choice to create beautiful skin.
    ·      TIGHTEN PORES- This cream for combination and oily skin tightens pores and reduces their visibility. Active component Pore Reductyl narrows pores and reduces their area and amount, gives the skin a natural dullness, soothes and softens it. And Vitamin B3 moisturizes the skin, evens out its tone and tightens pores, making your skin fresh and silky.
    ·      PREVENT ACNE– Primer prevents the appearance of pimples and various rashes. Cream with active component Acnacidol reduces the formation of sebum and sebaceous glands, preventing the appearance of acne and blackheads.
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