Bright beautiful original necklace made of braided wire labradorite, a birthday gift

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  • The pendant is made entirely by hand, without the use of soldering. This is pure copper, not varnished. Therefore, it is suitable for people prone to allergies.

    The pendant uses natural labradorite stone.

    To make the decoration last you as long as possible, follow the simple rules
    1. do not bend the decoration, do not let children and pets play with it
    2. do not take a shower or bath in it, protect it from the effects of water
    3. when going somewhere, first apply perfume, and then put on the pendant
    4.store the pendant in a separate handbag or pouch to avoid damage to the stone

    The color of the finished product may differ slightly from what you see on your monit - it depends on the characteristics of your gadget.

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