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Classic Pin Up art Custom Portrait from photos Personalized Harley Davidson Poster Vintage Art Hand drawn Digital Gift

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Before making a purchase, please contact me to discuss the details of the order and the cost of the service. [email protected] 
Item description from the seller
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Please check out all the sections of my store.

The order of work is as follows

 1. Contact me by email [email protected] 
Send me your photos and describe the details of the settings that you would like to make in your chosen image so that I can determine the cost of the service.
2. After receiving information about the details of setting up the image and your photos, and agreeing on the cost of the service, I will start working on your order. No advance payment is required for this.
3. After completing the work, I send you an image by email in a preview format with a watermark.
4. After the approval of the finished work, I will give you a link to pay for the digital listing.
5. After the purchase, you will be able to download a digital file with your finished order. The digital file will be printable, without watermarks.

The finished product will be a digital file in JPEG format with a resolution of 300 dpi. The illustration will be completely ready for printing.

This order of work is proposed due to the fact that this marketplace does not provide for the provision of digital services.

You can also order any additional settings of this image, according to your desire. Examples of some settings you can see in the photo in this listing and other listings of my gallery. You can make a request to change the color of clothes, change the color of the skin, change the hairstyle, change the fullness of the body, add a tattoo, change the background and much more as you wish.

You can also choose any illustration from my gallery for this purpose.
Or if you have a favorite painting, you can send it to me and I will draw your face on it.

Thank you for reading my ad to the end.