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  • AST-01 is a unique light therapy device designed for painless physiotherapeutic effect on tissues and cells of the human body by light irradiation.
    The medical properties of light with a certain wavelength have been known for a long time. Its use for medical purposes is called chromotherapy. When the light impacts on the human body, some of the rays of the visible spectrum are reflected, but up to 60% are absorbed, having a biological effect. Moreover, the violet rays penetrate into a depth of 1 mm, and the red ones-up to 3 cm.
    Under the influence of light, various physical and chemical effects occur. In particular, the energy of the vibrational processes of atoms and molecules increases, which cause a feeling of pleasant warmth. At the same time, the biological activity of the molecules increases and primary photoproducts are formed, which serve as a trigger for useful photobiological processes.
    Light therapy is a modern medical technique that is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. Due to the effect of radiation pulses on tissues, adjusting the light flux, density and number of flash units and the intervals between them, the desired result can be achieved during the procedure. Thanks to the general optimization possibilities, the therapy offers a wide range of treatments and solves many of the patient's personal problems.


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