Countryballs Plush 15 PCS - China, Germany, Japan, North Korea, Russia, USA, UK, Soviet Union, South Korea, DDR

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  • 1. You can lie safely and comfortably. You can carry it with you and enjoy a sweet sleep anytime and anywhere. Nice and unique realistic appearance.
  • 2. Features of realistic and cute shapes, soft touch, not afraid of squeezing, easy to clean, strong decoration, high safety and a wide range of people.
  • 3. These plush dolls give you a more realistic feeling, exquisite embroidery and unique design, exquisite plush toys.
  • 4. With which you can decorate the living room and bedroom. or as a Christmas gift for friends or children.


1. Please allow slight deviations due to manual measurement.

2. Since we use international express shipping, we must carry out a number of customs controls. Please understand if there are any delays!



If you have any questions, please send us an email first. Thank you for your understanding and have fun shopping!

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