Day face cream 60+ analogue of the venom of the chromium viper | Hyaluronic acid, Collagen | against aging and wrinkles

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  • Luxurious cream, saturated with effective ingredients, provides a pronounced anti-aging effect. The cream formula is based on the unique tripeptide SYN-AKE, its structure and function imitate the paralyzing constituent of the venom of the temple viper.
  • The cream blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to the facial muscles, which leads to their relaxation and smoothing of facial wrinkles. The smoothing effect of the cream is clinically proven.
  • The complex multilevel action of the components of the cream takes into account all the features of the aging skin and is manifested in: moisturizing, softening and nourishing the skin, reducing the expression of wrinkles, giving the skin elasticity and elasticity
  • Effect Relaxing facial muscles, effectively smoothes wrinkles Strengthens the face oval Provides full-fledged prolonged hydration It gives the skin smoothness and firmness

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