FACIAL SERUM | analogue of peptide of the poison of the temple viper SYN-AKE | have a complex rejuvenating effect

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  • Lifting serum for intensive care of the aging skin is saturated with active ingredients that penetrate deeply into the skin and have a complex rejuvenating effect: they help to reduce deep wrinkles, prevent sagging of the skin, make it supple, return smoothness and a healthy, radiant appearance.
  • The formula is based on the unique analogue of the SYN-AKE temple viper poison peptide, which blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to the facial muscles, which leads to their relaxation and smoothing of facial wrinkles.
  • The smoothing effect of the cream is clinically proven: up to 8% wrinkle smoothing in the area of "crow's feet" up to 21% smoothing wrinkles on the forehead, 80% of users noted the effect of smoothing, by results of testing DSM (Switzerland)
  • The action of SYN-AKE is similar to the effect of injections of myoparality drugs, while it is safe and reversible (after a while after the termination of the course of application of the remedy, the skin returns to its usual tone). In addition, SYN-AKE more gently blocks active muscle movement and helps to smooth out wrinkles without disturbing the natural facial expressions.



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