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Fantasy Creatures, Dragon Spirit Toy, OOAK, Pets Toys from home decor, Polimer Clay and faux Fur, Features

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About this item
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  • Name: Mithrial, unearthly dragon spirit.

    Artist: Yana Kozub

    Category: Art Doll, poseable doll.

    Size: Length: 74 cm (30  inches) from nose to tip of tail.

    Height : 42 cm ( 17 inches)

    Weight: +-2000 gr


  • Materials:

    *Faux fur

    *Glass eyes


    *Soft Pastels

    *Polimer Clay

    *Acrilic Paints


  • Treatment: it’s important to protect items against sunlight and moisture; dry clean only.

Item description from the seller
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Meet our new creature, unearthly dragon spirit of the cloud forest, Mitrial 🌳 !!

       Far, far beyond the clouds ☁️, there is a magical cloud forest!!  There are sacred beasts, contained by the thousands and belonging to the summer, these are not quite ordinary beasts, each of them has the essence of the soul of different ranks and powers (these essences are used by the immortals for the combat development of their own core, although this is a dangerous path to development).

         And now, among all the animals, their king, with the income of archeological development, he is already more than ten thousand years old.  It is known that his ancestors were crystal dragons from another world, which also have absolute power.

          Mitrial was born in this forest when the forest itself was young, and managed to survive among other individuals, remaining in its own kind.  Having gone through an evolutionary path of development in the struggle for his place in this world, he changed outwardly with each breakthrough from one level to another, adjusting to the world he entered, becoming also a vulnerable and revealing being!


       The master of Mitrial's power has no limit, he is self-government and gaze control, and he can also use thoughts when solving the entire forest!

        His soul essence is so developed that it radiates energy for hundreds of kilometers, but the daredevils who would decide to fight Mitrial have not been found for several thousand years!


       Mitrial is also the guardian of his Cloudy Forest, he is protected from evil spirits that sometimes escape from the analytical worlds.


        Sometimes he can be seen by the crystal lake, they say that this lake was created by the ancestors of Mitrial, and he, looking at his reflection in this lake, communicates with them in this way.  He could easily go to his own world, but then who would be the guardian instead of him…!?!


     The story, sketch and name were invented by me personally ☺️🤗!  I'll be glad if you like it!!  ❤️


    This is a handmade poseable toy made of ECO. Can change position and posture. Very lively and realistic.



Length: 77 cm (30,31 inches) from nose to tip of tail.

Height : 33 cm ( 13 inches).


- Completely handmade.

- Fully Posable.

-Wire skeleton.

- Glass eyes.

-Solid parts are made of polymer clay and faux fur.


-Acrylic paints



This toy makes a great gift for anyone that loves unique fantasy toys or mythical beasts and magical creatures : for you, your family or your friends.


This is a collector's item and made for adults only. Will not be suitable for children. Can not be washed.


Please note that you cannot turn your head while holding the doll's ears or horns. These parts are fragile and require careful handling. Turn your head by taking it by the fur or head.


Custom orders are also possible, for this you need to send me a message with a reference image (or description).


These dolls may include:

- Posable neck and tail/wings

- Complex design (fantasy design)

- 2 horns

- Feathers / scales / markings / fangs

For additional $ you can also add:

- More horns

- Additional limbs

- Wings / detailed teeth


For custom orders, I take 100% upfront or 50% down payment and the last half after the doll is finished.  (100% prepaid orders have priority and are processed faster)

Delivery 🚚;

   We offer free worldwide shipping with 1 to 3 business days for order processing. After the order dispatch, the estimated delivery time is 12 to 30 business days depending on your country or region.


   We try to ensure that the quality of both the product and packaging is perfect. But considering that logistic companies do the shipping, we cannot guarantee you completely undamaged packaging. However, if the product is received in a damaged state, kindly let us know so we can make possible amends.


Also, if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.