Halloween Themed Pumpkin Pop It Fidget Toy

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  • Smooth and round surface without burrs, safely care for kid's skin. Made of quality silicone + plastic. Non-toxic and odor free. 
  • Then flip it over and start again, which is funny and enjoyable.Just press the bubbles down and they make a slight popping sound. 
  • This pumpkin fidget toy can help relieve anxiety and encourage sensory exploration.19 tie-dye silicone bubbles built into a plastic frame. 
  • This push pop sensory toy is also suitable for autistic kids, or people with ADD or ADHD and OCD or high stress/anxiety levels, autism.
  •  Ideal holiday gift for your family and friends.Our popping board not only can relieve stress but also exercise your kids' brain ability and basic math.

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