Hand-painted Silk Scarf with Orchids, Orchid Purple Silk Scarf, Transparent Handmade Floral Women's Scarf, Wedding Scarf, Lilac Shawl, Batik, Hand-dyed Silk, Chiffon Scarf for Women

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  • This scarf will fit any outfit and complement any look. Light to the touch, does not cause irritation due to the high-quality and natural composition of 100% silk chiffon.
    Size 74 * 26 inches (187 * 66 centimeters).
    This delicate light scarf will be a wonderful decoration for an elegant evening dress or a bride's wedding outfit.
    Wash by hand in warm water (30℃ or 86℉) with mild soap or special detergents for wool and silk. Immerse the product in water and wash it carefully. The product must not be twisted.
    Do not use bleach! After washing, the product needs to be wrung out a little in your hand and ironed.
    VAT is not included.
    Customs taxes are not included.
    Please note that the actual colors may vary slightly from the ones shown in the picture due to your monitor settings.
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