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  • Lisa is made of mohair and plush
    Filled with sawdust and small pebbles. Glass eye. The eyelids are made of suede. Dressed in a dress, a hat.
    The clothes are made of cotton, lace, satin ribbons, silk ribbons, beads, mesh. Clothes are removed. Pay attention to the embroidery on the rococo dress. The clothes and the bear are painted with oil paints
    Clothes are removed.
    The height of the bear is 11.4 inches (29 cm).
    The bear has all legs and head movable, he stands with support, sits alone.
    Lisa has a doll. Little girl 12 cm (4.3 inches). Vintage (artificially aged).
    The face, arms and part of the legs are cast from self-hardening clay.
    The body, legs and arms are filled with cotton.
    The clothes are made of cotton, floss embroidery on the skirt. The clothes are not removed. Only the good is removed.
    The arms, legs and head are on the wire, bent.
    Careful attitude!