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Leather coat-transformer "Strider" (based on the Lord of the Rings, inspired Aragorn) - basic model, upgrades available

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About this item
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  • leather coat-transformer (vest, camisole, tabard and coat)
  • upgrades available (overlay, ties, weathering)
  • for height about 5 ft 11 inch, shoulder width 48-50 cm, chest girth up to 110 cm
  • ready to ship
Item description from the seller
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"Strider" - a leather coat based on the "duster" of Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

We used our patterns for Aragorn's duster replica, but this time we chose slightly more glossy and textured Italian leather. All the main seam allowances have been thinned so as not to add extra volume and spoil the look.

The basic model is a transforming product (vest, camisole, tabard and coat), which will perfectly complement not only cosplay, but also any LARP look.
When you purchase this base model, some extras are available.

We didn't sew on an overlay on the sleeve, so you can choose one of the options:
1. overlay made of leather "reptile"*  (references "according to secret documents" :), namely sketches of a costume designer and one of the museum samples, see collage) +92$;
2. overlay with embroidery (classic references from the trilogy) +180$;
3. overlay with embroidery on "reptiles"* +180$.
*sheepskin embossed to look like crocodile

Ties can also be customized:
1. classic look: one pair of ties (references from the trilogy), included in the price;
2. three pairs of braided ties made of the same leather as the duster itself (see collage) +35$.
3. four (or five, if desired) pairs of hand-woven brown cords, like on Aragorn's vest +82$.
4. any other option for ties / fasteners and their location is discussed.

Weathering can also be in different versions. The base model has only jagged edges on the hem and sleeves without sanding, but we can offer:
1. light aging - abrasions along the edges and small spots of dirt along the bottom +45$;
2. intensive aging - a more worn look, with a large number of stains (sewn holes, as agreed etc.) +105$.

The coat was made for height about 180 cm or 5 ft 11 inch (length of the product on the back with collar 130 cm), shoulder width 48-50 cm and chest girth up to 110 cm. If you want to check if it will fit your size, please contact us and tell us your measurements ( we will set up a mannequin according to your measurements and show you the result).

This coat has no lining, but under the order we can sew such a model for everyday wear. Add a lining with pockets, if necessary, lengthen the upper parts so that the upper part can be worn as a jacket. Feel free to ask :)

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