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Magnetic Car Windshield Cover

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About this item
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  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: 193 x 115 cm approx.
  • Three-layered protection
  • Flaps for anti-theft protection
  • Elastic bands for added stability
  • Convenient storage and portability
  • Magnets to hold the cover on the windshield
  • Suitable for all models, SUV or compact car
Item description from the seller
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We know how brutal the snowy winters can be, not just for us but also for our cars.

The early morning ice scraping ritual from your car's windshield is not just tiring and time-consuming but excessively annoying too. You can get late for work or worse, your kids can get late for their school. 

To counter all this, we bring you the magnetic car windshield snow cover. It will prevent snow from piling up on your vehicle's windshield and thus will save your precious time and energy too. Simply lift it off your windscreen and there goes all the thick white snow. 

What you'll get:

  • Three-layer protection: The magnetic car windshield snow cover comprises aluminum foil, non-woven fabric, and PP cotton layers. These provide strong resistance against the strong winds, snow, or air frosting on the windshield glass.
  • Strong fixing: The ice shield has magnets installed, which hold it together on the car's windshield. Pinch the extended flaps of the cover in the car doors to hold it together. The shield also has elastic bands, which you can attach with the rearview side mirrors of the car for added stability.
  • Multiple protection: This magnetic car windshield cover offers protection against snow in the winters, sun's heat in the summer, rain, or bird poops.
  • Easy storage: It can be folded and conveniently stored in your car's trunk when not in use. Keep it with you on your trips to always protect your car.