Miniature dollhouse set of furniture for dolls. Scale 1/12

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What is included in the set ( !House not included! ):

- HALLWAY: floor hanger and mirror.

- LIVING ROOM: sofa, 4 wall shelves, fireplace with firewood, table, two plants, picture, decorative pillow.

- KITCHEN-dining room: a table with three chairs, a set of dishes from plates, bowls and glasses for 3 people, two ladles, a cutting board, a plant in a pot, an extractor hood, a shelf for dishes, floor cabinets with drawers, a sink, an opening oven , hob, sink and faucet.

- BATHROOM: Base cabinet with sink and faucet, mirror, painting, two boards, toilet with opening lid, wall hooks and towel, washcloth and brush.

- BEDROOM: a wardrobe with a drawer and two boxes, two plants, a bedside table, a picture, a "skin", a single bed with a mattress, a blanket, three pillows and a blanket.

- WORKPLACE: desk with drawer, chair, wall organizer with 4 buttons and 2 stickers, 2 plants, glass with 2 pencils, paper tray.

The main volume of parts is 3D printing with PETG plastic. The rest is handmade. The products also use wood, cotton, metal, plastic.

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