Moisturizing day cream for the face and skin around the eyes with retinol, tsubaki oil, pomegranate, centella asia 50ml

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  • Complex of active ingredients:
    - smoothes mimic and incipient wrinkles
    - fills with moisture and levels the microrelief
    - improves complexion and gives a healthy glow.
    An exquisite day cream that melts into the skin, revealing the beauty potential of the skin. Instantly moisturizes, restores the vitality of skin cells, preventing the appearance of wrinkles, and gives a natural glow.
    3 D retinol - 3 active forms of retinol, acting in several directions at once:
    LPD's Vitamin A - retinol - has a high penetrating power, retains its effectiveness for a long time and begins to act immediately upon application to the skin
    Vit-A-Like stimulates collagen synthesis, accelerates cell renewal processes, reduces wrinkles, evens out skin tone.
    Vitamin A restores the protective functions of the skin, fights free radicals, protecting against premature aging.
    Tsubaki oil is an ancient Asian beauty secret - rich in vitamins A, B and E, unsaturated fats, collagen and antioxidants,
    Centella asiatica has long been known in oriental medicine and cosmetology as a valuable ingredient that protects the skin from oxidative stress and aging, gives it an elastic, fresh, toned look.


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