Original art, aceo ballet dancer, Silphide girl, dancins costume

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  • Sexy beauty girl dancing classical ballet, Sylphide, jete, fuete, arabesque, graceful unheavenly beautiful gorgeous dancer on toes, snow white long dress with corset. workout, theatre art,
     Done  in a high quality oil art colours Sennelier (France), and Old Holland,  on a  top quality standard, canvas surface  paper  260 g/m2 paper (Italy).
     Original art, aceo - small size painting. Could be a beautiful present for your friend, a picture on the wall, or to be just a part of your private treasure collection. Signed  in front and behind.
    Size: ACEO
             2,5X3,5 inches
             6,4x8,9 cm.
    Colours might be slightly different on each display due to personal settings and adjustments).  Free delivery WORLDWIDE.
    Time shipment depends on your location. Generally about 2-3 weeks. but could be longer. Will be send to your adress in a mail lite bubbled envelope, between carton papers, via international registered mail, with tracking number.
    I`m painting since few years practicing in pencil, acrilic and oil. 
    Using only top quality materials for my art.
    Thank you!

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