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Old Tree River Landscape Original Texture Painting Unique Wall Decor Hand Painted Art Work By RinaArtSK

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This item is handmade. Please allow 3 - 5 days for processing.
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  • Texture painting. Handmade acrylic painting covered with acrylic lacquer.Unframed. Canvas board. Square format.
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Original painting tree by the river, nature art acrylic painting, unique wall decor handmade painting , art work texture painting , landscape painting- "Old tree by the river."
Dimensions: 12x12 inches on canvas board
A nice present for your friends and relatives as well as a lovely decor for your living room or office.

The painting attracts attention with its mesmerizing texture and pronounced relief. Created with a complex textural paste, it transports the viewer to a serene and enchanting natural landscape.
The eye is drawn to the towering ancient tree. Its massive trunk, riddled with time, and branches stretching in all directions. Each branch is carefully crafted with a textural paste, allowing you to feel the rough bark and years of wisdom contained within this tree. Some branches gently slope toward the calm water below, creating an intimate connection between the tree and the watery space.
The water surface is smooth and calm, as if time itself has slowed down, allowing ripples to form graceful lines, conveying the interplay of light and shadow, giving the painting a sense of life and movement.
 This contrast between the tangled forest, the venerable tree and the serene water makes the viewer think of the harmony that can be found in nature, even in a place as ancient and serene as this.
The use of textural paste in this painting creates a unique tactile and visual experience, making it a work of art that will resonate with anyone who has ever sought solace and inspiration in the natural world.

The painting is based on the works of artist Alexander Zhilyaev .

This painting is covered with acrylic lacquer which protects it from dust and water clean and prevents discoloration.

Due to lighting effects and the monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc., the color tone of the website's photo and the actual item could, allows it to be be slightly different.

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Listed on 28 October, 2023