Oval jute crochet lace rug. Interior lace carpet. Cottagecore wall decorative rug. Handmade rug.

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  • Bohemian oval openwork carpet for the living room hand knitted. A large oval, openwork with textured convex elements, a carpet made of double jute cord will add chic and sophistication to the interior of a living room or bedroom. Ecological and natural.
    Suitable for creating a bohemian style in the interior. thanks to the material with a natural natural brown-beige color, it looks authentic and vintage. Anti-slip latex coating.
    EXCLUSIVE. Handmade carpets are not replicated products, you will be sure that you will not find a similar one among your closest friends. will serve as a luxurious gift for yourself or friends for a housewarming.
    ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY. Remember that by purchasing products made from organic materials, you preserve the safety of nature, since they are completely recycled in a natural way.
    SAFETY. jute products have anti-mold and anti-fungal properties.
    THERMAL INSOLATION. great for rooms with cold floors, retains heat.

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