Panax ginseng capsules (Premium export) 60 caps

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  • Natural effective biostimulator and adaptogen
  • For those who live in the rhythm of a big city, get tired quickly and often get sick. Improves the overall physical condition of the body and gives strength and confidence
  • Useful properties Ginseng root is able to activate the immune system, stabilize the brain. This plant lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, relieves pain, has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system, lungs, biliary tract. Ginseng is able to eliminate any inflammation, normalize blood pressure, increase efficiency, and tone the body. Ginseng against atherosclerosis It is recommended to buy ginseng root in a pharmacy for the treatment of blood vessels. Infusion at the root strengthens blood vessels, cleanses them of cholesterol plaques, normalizes blood circulation. The medicinal plant is recommended to be taken both for the treatment of atherosclerosis and for its prevention. For maximum effect, the alcoholic infusion is taken 2-3 times a day for 25-30 drops. Ginseng root for neurasthenia The plant, rich in flavonoids and other useful substances, helps to overcome depression and cope with neurasthenia. Ginseng root strengthens the nervous system, activates the mental and physical