Papier-Mache Vase, Handmade Vessel, Textured Neutral Vase for Dried Flowers, Unique Gift, Home Decor

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THE PROCESS Paper mache pieces are made from a special paper pulp clay recipe which is then hand sculpted over a form, air dried, sanded and painted. For decorative use only, not intended to hold water! CARE INSTRUCTIONS -not waterproof -for indoor use only

-place on clean dry surface -use dry cloth to clean -keep dry

There may be slight irregularities in the product – this is normal. Because these products are made by me, by my hands and testify to genuine handmade work. Please note that the vase is sold empty-without filling!


All my items will be shipped to you within 1-3 days after payment by Standard Russian Post with tracking number. I will write the tracking number for your parcel.

The shipping method is about 14-90 days-it depends on the destination country and customs, please be patient.

Please note - the buyer pays all customs fees himself in his own country. The seller is not responsible for customs fees and taxes. If you have any problems or questions, email me.