Phototherapy device Duna Cosmetic&medical INFRARED and RED LEDs Relieving Pain

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  • Phototherapy device for cosmetic and medical purposes!
    This device works with 220 V, frequency – 50 Hz
    What is a Light therapy or Phototherapy?  Look here
    Portable LED matrix physiotherapy device for phototherapy is for the prevention and treatment of some diseases by exposure to red and infrared light.
    The device is based on a method of influence on the body's tissues scattered rays of red and infrared color. As a result recovery of cell structures occurs in the tissues. The biological effect of waves of red and infrared ranges has a significant advantage over other types of radiation, the use of the scattered and not focused beam makes its use safe.
    LED device's matrix consists of 21 red and 16 infrared LEDs.
    Device’s features:
    The wavelength of red light - 632.7 nm
    The wavelength of infrared radiation - 840 nm
    Area of impact, not less than - 10 cm2 
    Total density of radiation power, not more than - 2,0 mW/cm2
    Weight not more than 250 grams
    The device is effective at treatment:
    inflammation and infections of the mouth, upper respiratory tract, the respiratory tract, including the period of exacerbation;
    diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
    dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, herpes and other skin diseases.



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