Play Brainy 23 pc Pretend Kids Tool Kit

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Play Brainy Pretend 23-piece Tool Set for Kids made with high-quality, heavy-duty plastic that lets them hammer, drill, and build just like adults. And all in a safe learning environment that challenges them and helps them fuel their imagination.

Encourage Active, Hands-On Play

These plastic tools are designed to get kids to stack, build, and design just like adults, but with real safety in mind. Each set features a hammer, power drill, wood, screws, and connectors to help them expand their imaginations, gain unique insights on construction and engineering, and be more mentally and physically active while away from electronics.

Product Details:

Pretend Kid’s Tools (23 Pc. Set)
Interactive Tools and Hardware
Hammer, Power Drill, and Screwdriver
Heavy-Duty, BPA-Free Plastic
Fun for Boys and Girls
Safe for Ages X and Up
Includes Durable Tool Storage Case