Play Brainy Colorful Counting Trains with Color Sorting Cups

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Play Brainy™ Counting Trains and Cups – Giving Young Children a Jumpstart on Mathematics and Color Recognition

Looking for toys that are fun for your little one to play with, but that also help them learn and develop as they play? 

Want to give your child an early head start on developing essential mental and motor skills? 

  Presenting  Play Brainy™ Colorful Sorting Trains and Cups  

At Play Brainy™ we’re always doing our best to design fun and unique educational toys to help children everywhere develop their developmental, motor, and mathematical skills in an exciting way. That’s why we’ve developed our educational and exciting sorting trains to help your little one learn as they play! These counting trains and cups are perfect for giving children ages 1-3 a jumpstart on developing important skills such as color recognition, numerical counting, hand-to-eye coordination, logical thinking, and more.