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Puzzle board with transport, Wooden Montessori Toddler Toys Age 3 4 5 year, Jigsaw, Logic Puzzle for kids, baby boy gift

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This Puzzle board with transport is perfect Wooden Toddler Toys for Age 3 4 5 year, Wood Montessori car Jigsaw game, Logic toy is great for baby boy gift, Christmas gift.

Wooden puzzle "Cars", with which you can: find out the names of machines (excavator, concrete mixer, truck, bulldozer, paver, etc.), understand what kind of transport is needed, which of them is passenger and which is cargo, think about which professions work on these machines: doctor, policeman, firefighter, tanker. Or play riddles: "What is the taxi driver driving? What is the traveler driving?", let the kid show the right car, sort cars by color, find similar parts (for example, wheels), get acquainted with the parts of cars: wheel, hood, bumper, body, bucket, caterpillar, trailer, outline on paper like stencils, and then finish and paint, play with the details in "What has changed", "Guessing game" (turn over the details and guess what kind of car by silhouettes), figure out where the right and where the left is. Lay out the cars on the table according to the task: the bus is left from the fire truck, and the pickup truck is on top of the fire truck, etc., learn to count. And not only the cars themselves, but also wheels, doors, stairs, road signs, windows. Compare the size and height of cars (bigger/smaller, longer/shorter), the number of identical parts, develop speech by making sentences with the names of cars; describe transport with adjectives; incline by case, repeat in the plural, invent plot games, for example, chasing a criminal fleeing on a concrete mixer, who is being chased by a police car and a volunteer tanker.Based on the puzzle, there are silhouettes of all the details, so even small children will not find it very difficult to put the details together: you just need to combine the machine with its silhouette. It perfectly develops imaginative and logical thinking.

Height – 7,87 inch (20 cm)
Width – 11,22 inch (28.5 cm)

– Please note that this toy has small parts that can be dangerous for children under 3 years old.
– Only child-safe, non-toxic materials
– Though this Wooden Puzzle is made with safety in mind, it is strongly advised that toddlers are played with only under adult supervision.
– I have a lot of experience in shipping goods by mail, I pack very safe - all the goods came undamaged
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– There may be some color discrepancies which is due to the different monitor settings.
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