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Real shungite chakra healing energy pendant and EMF protection

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Please read carefully!

Presented pendants in the photo will differ in shape from those sent to you. Quality and Weight will correspond to the description!

Price for 1 pendant.
Shungite pendant weighing 3 - 6 grams. 

A talisman with a rough stone is perfect for men. A somewhat rough, but elegant accessory will emphasize the brutality and modernity of the image.

The lack of processing carries not only a special aesthetic, but also an energetic message. Natural shungite is rich in unique energy, with the help of which it can have a beneficial effect on a person, transforming him spiritually.

The owner of the amulet made of a unique mineral will not be afraid of the evil eye, damage and electromagnetic radiation that surrounds a modern person literally everywhere.

All these advantages are supported by the exclusive style and “complex simplicity” of the shungite talisman.