Real stone chakra bracelet, manipura chakra bracelet, jewelry for her.

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Specify the size of your bracelet. To do this, measure the circumference of your wrist with a measuring tape.
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    • size 6,7" (17 cm)
    • copper fittings (I recommend not to take showers with the decoration and not to swim in the sea, so the decoration will retain its original appearance longer) adjustable by extension chain
    • Jewelry comes in a gift box care napkin includ


    • There may be some color discrepancies which is due to the different monitor settings
    • VAT not included
    •  I am not responsible for the work of customs authorities, for their restrictions and delays.
    • You have 2 weeks from the moment the parcel arrives at your postal service, you must be notified one week before the deadline I will write to you additionally before the expiration date. if you do not pick up the parcel, there will be no refund


    DELIVERY TIME 2-4 weeks

    In the photo, the bracelet is 17 cm in size, if you need a different size, please indicate this in the order

    I am happy to accept custom orders. Write what bracelet you want.
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