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Rocket Pop It Fidget Toys For Kids

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About this item
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  • Rocket Shape Pop it fidget toy with the red, white, and blue color combination.
  • It is made of flexible material silicone; a thicker and more durable design allows it to make a louder sound.
  • 9.0*5.5 inch with 0.19lb weight is a Lightweight and good on-the-go toy.
  • Exquisite Mini Racing Game. Players take turns pressing down any number of mice they wish in a single row.
Item description from the seller
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This popular push-sensing toy is made of non-toxic, no chemical smell, durable and environmentally friendly Made of silicone, our POP is soft enough that children can play without worrying about hurting them. It is a child-friendly, adult-friendly, washable and durable toy set.The latest astronaut rocket shape, designed by a senior designer, the number and size of bubble presses are designed according to the structure of the human finger, pressing and making a popping sound can not only effectively relieve anxiety and stress, It can also exercise your finger dexterity and focus. Light weight, easy to carry, suitable for home, office, travel and other occasions.