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Rose Alice jewelry box,Box with White,Ring holder,Alice in Wonderland, Round jewelry box,Wedding ring Box,Free shipping

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About this item
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  • TO ORDER/The craft time of the items is 9-12 days. 
  • Free shipping
  • The craft time of the items is 15 days. 
  • Size: 10 х 13 cm
  • It is not a toy, therefore it is not recommended for handling by young children.
  • For internal use only.
  • Materials: cardboard, wooden billet, metal fittings, acrylic varnishes, acrylic paints, paper and napkins, dried flowers and herbs, natural stones, fabric and gauze, self-hardening mass and polymer clay, wax and epoxy resin.
  • Attention: There is an opportunity to make small changes, especially for you. If you want to remove or add 1-2 details - write to me, we will discuss with you, and maybe we will do it. And this showcase become your favorite item.
Item description from the seller
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An unusual box in a grotesque style, like Alice herself. If you are looking for something special, then this is what you need!
I'll come up with a new story for you!
Exact repetition is impossible! Each box is unique. But it will turn out to be a recognizable thing. You will get a wooden box based on "Alice in Wonderland".
I like to create fun unique items that can be put on display in your home for everyone to see!
I really appreciate my clients and create beautiful and exquisite products that exist only in a single copy.

The production time usually takes 9-12 days.

A unique and beautiful box is a good gift for true fans of the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland"!
It is convenient to store jewelry or small items, cards, or souvenirs in it.

The box is deliberately made with scuffs and traces of time. The inside is treated with vintage velvet. Numerous small details are scattered throughout the box, which you will be interested in finding and examining.
The box is carefully coated with several layers of acrylic varnish to protect it from moisture or penetration, ensuring a service life for many years. Many hours of work were spent on the creation of this magnificent product, which made it so unique. The products are not perfect in some small details, but it highlights the charm of handmade.

Handmade. The only instance. Created in a smoke-free home.

All materials used in the work are water-based, safe, harmless to the environment. It is based on a blank made of wood, MDF or thick cardboard.

Thank you for visiting my store!
I would be very happy if you can browse other works at Store. Irina

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