St Petersburg lacquer box Spilled Blood Cathedral

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St Petersburg lacquer box with Spilled Blood Cathedral

• Entirely handmade
• Handcrafted from papier-mache
• Cloaked in rich smooth black lacquer outside and red inside
• Thoroughly dried after each coat (up to 10 coats before painting starts)
• Hand-painted with a freshly made egg tempera
• Embellished with patterns made from gold leaf
• Artfully detailed with gold leaf within the picture and for patterns on the lid and borders
• Many times covered with a clear glossy lacquer finish
• Polished by hand to the smooth and even condition
• Lift-off lid
• Certificate inside
• Signed by artist

The inscription in gold below the painting: Kholui, Savior on the Spilled Blood Church, Agafonova

Dimensions: L 2.5" x H 3.1" x W 1.1" (6.3 x 8 x 2.8 cm).

To keep it clean and beautiful:
Wipe with a soft microfiber cloth.
Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners.