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Stencils with animals, TACTICAL SENSOR ,Educational cards for children, Tactile stimulation, Cognitive Development

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  • It takes 5-10 days to make this postcard set.
    If you want the set to be wrapped in gift paper, just write to me about it.
    If you need a gift card, then write me a text of congratulations and I will put it in the package.
    This service is free, as is shipping!
Item description from the seller
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Stencils with animals "Whose skin?"
Cognitive Development.

A set of stencils for the study of various animals.
Age: 1-6 years.

Also very suitable for children with special needs (for visually impaired children, for children with autism)

Stencil size 11*15.4 cm. Skin size 10*14.4 cm.

Tactile/sensor cards.
They develop the child's sensory perception, tactile memory, fine motor skills of the fingers, as a result of which they have a beneficial effect on the mental potential of the baby, he gets acquainted with the features of the world around him, as well as his vocabulary. increases.

Hard Korean felt 1.2 mm.
Plush on dublerin.
Velvet on doubler.
Spandex on double.
Fur under a lamb on dublerin.

Please note that for the best quality and realism, the printing of the skins in the set is made on a suitable fabric:

VELVET - zebra, cow, giraffe, horse.
SPANDEX is a fish.
PLUSH - rabbit, tiger, deer, squirrel, cat, bear, fox, wolf, dog, leopard, gorilla.
FELT - hedgehog, rooster, peacock, flamingo, frog, lizard, snake, parrot, stingray, porcupine, chameleon, elephant, turtle, crocodile, hippo, turkey.
All fabric (except felt) is reinforced with doubler 184 g/m2 for ease of use.


Domestic animals - rooster, turkey, rabbit, cat, dog, cow, horse, ram.

Forest animals - hedgehog, wolf, fox, bear, deer, squirrel, frog, fish

Animals of the tropics - peacock, parrot, tiger, leopard, snake, chameleon, lizard, gorilla

Savannah animals - elephant, giraffe, hippopotamus, porcupine, flamingo, zebra, crocodile, turtle.
 You can buy separate sets of animals, or all animals together.
!!! Buying all the animals at the same time, you save a lot on shipping!

Suitable for both group and individual lessons.

!!! If you have any questions, just email me!

At your request, I can send you additional photos of the cards and a full video review by e-mail

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