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Taxidermy bird Pine Grosbeak (Pinicola enucleator) in orange feathers

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Natural taxidermy bird \ \ Bird taxidermy


Please note that all the birds died naturally and are not killed for purpose of taxidermy.

How to care for you taxidermy item:

- All items are prepared with a product against insects. If you want to protect your item more against insects you can use a spray against moths and flying insects and use this 2 times per year on your item.

- Keep your taxidermy away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can fade the colors of taxidermy items.

- Prevent the item from touching. Dust your item with a gentle brush or a feather duster.

- Do not keep taxidermy items in dark boxes or basements, since insects prefer dark places.

Pine Grosbeak

Ship by air mail with tracking number.  The postage costs include special packaging materials. I package every item very carefully.

I am not responsible for shipping delays and will not issue refunds due to weather, delivery carrier factors, customer error, holiday-related delays, international customs regulations, or any other unforeseen factors.

US – 14-25 work days

Other countries – contact me please