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The Krampus by Cailan Wilkinson

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You Better Watch Out . . . You Better Not Cry . . . Cause Krampus is in town with murder on his mind!A damaged sleigh shoots through the dark sky on a cold winter’s night.After losing a fight to a Lich the injured Krampus crashes his sleigh into the frozen snow some miles north of a small town. While his surviving Helvion Elves get to work fixing the sleigh, he sets out to hunt for the bodies required to repower his sleigh’s burnt out enchantments.A team of adventurers seeking refuge from a fierce winter storm relax in a cozy inn within a quaint town. However, their relaxation comes to an end when they receive word of a demon making its way toward the town.The Krampus is coming this Christmas! Snow will be stained red and innocent townsfolk will flee for their lives as demonic elves hunt them down!


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Listed on 4 November, 2023