Vityas "Avto" LLLT Cold Laser Quantum Therapy with nozzles & safety goggles

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  • The device of quantum therapy "Vityas-auto" is a device, the treatment of which is referred to as physiotherapeutic procedures. Positive results of treatment are achieved through exposure to magnetic, electromagnetic fields and exposure to oxygen and blood supply of cells and tissues. The response of the human body to even the smallest light exposure is strong and effective.
    The "Vityas-avto" device is widely used in medicine and at home for the treatment of varicose veins, osteochondrosis, ear-nose-throat diseases, dentistry, cosmetology, gynecology, healing of wounds and injuries of various origins, and much more.
    The set of the device includes attachments that allow to carry out medical procedures on the abdominal organs.
    Red laser power: 650 nm;
    Infrared laser power: 850nm;
    Number of treatment modes: 5;
    Power consumption: 9.5W;
    The set includes 3 replaceable attachments and safety glasses;
    The mains adapter allows you to use the device from the mains, thereby saving battery life;
    Possibility of autonomous operation from 3 AA batteries;
    Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year.
    Vityas it is effective at treatment of more than 50 deseases:
    Acute and chronic bronchitis
    Acute and chronic rhinitis
    Acute pneumonia
    Arthritis, arthrosis of phalanges of hand and foot
    Arthritis, arthrosis
    Arthritis, gonarthrosis
    Arthritis, hip joint arthrosis
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