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Wooden Puzzle - animals and cubs young, Toddler Toys Age 2 3 4 5 year, Wood Montessori animal Stack Board game

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This Wooden Puzzle - animals and cubs, young is perfect Toddler Toys for Age 2 3 4 5 year, Wood Montessori animals Stack Board game, Waldorf preschool toy is great Baby Gift.

Animals are constantly caught in the eyes of the baby. Pets, birds on the street give you the opportunity to get to know them better. Expand the knowledge of the crumbs about other representatives of the fauna will allow the frame-insert "Who eats what".
The product is a game canvas, on which there are recesses with inserts inside. The eyes will immediately appear: Bear;
Hare; Cat; Cow; Hedgehog; Dog; Rooster; Bullfinch; Squirrel; Mouse; Monkey; Panda.

All images are bright and beautiful due to printing on a special color printer.
To make the parts easy to get, there is a notch next to each one. This is incredibly exciting fun. After all, the base-frame has not one, but two levels! It turns out that under each insert with the image of animals, there is another one that displays his favorite food. The mouse has cheese, the bunny has carrots.
The unique manual is interesting because it includes different groups of inhabitants, studying which you can learn to distinguish the main thing, parts, find common and distinctive features. Thanks to the insert frame, it is easy to explain such concepts: "wild-domestic", "predators-herbivores", "mammals, birds", "brown and bamboo bear", etc.

Height – 8,27 inch (21 cm)
Width – 9,84 inch (25 cm)

– Only child-safe, non-toxic materials
– Though this Wooden Puzzle is made with safety in mind, it is strongly advised that toddlers are played with only under adult supervision.
– I have a lot of experience in shipping goods by mail, I pack very safe - all the goods came undamaged
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