Puppy Love Facebook Page Undergoes a Re-Branding to “Gotta Love It”

Aug 15, 2018

Inspire Uplift owns Puppy Love, and hopes the new name change will grow their following, allowing them to inspire a broader audience across the world.


The Facebook page formerly known as “Puppy Love” is now giving Facebook followers the same great content under a new name—Gotta Love It. Owned by Inspire Uplift, Gotta Love It offers followers more of the same fun, inspiring, and uplifting content they’re loved for. The Facebook name change goes into effect in August 2018.

“We're incredibly excited to announce the rebranding of our Facebook page Puppy Love to Gotta Love It,” says an Executive from Inspire Uplift. “We are expanding our team of content creators that will continue to post the content that you know and love us for.”

Inspire Uplift operates multiple Facebook pages and publishes daily content that is designed to inspire the audience in one way or another.

Inspire Uplift started as a single social media channel with the belief that it was their job to share happiness, joy, and inspiration around the world.

Their Facebook page has garnered the attention of over 5 million fans on Facebook to date.

They have used that platform to continue to spread the joy and inspiration to fans around the world.

Inspire Uplift also offers a product line and store that encourages and inspires their audience through clothing, home décor and much more.

Their social media presence is on the rise, and the Facebook name change to “Gotta Love It” is designed to support that growth.

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For more information about Gotta Love It, please visit the Inspire Uplift website to view their blog and store.


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