15 Life Saving Products You Didn’t Know Even Existed

Things can get a little too much in life, right? Everything is hard and we are always struggling! It wouldn’t hurt to get a hand of help. Except no one is willing to give that hand of help.

But this is where you are wrong. You have all the help you need except you are looking in the wrong places. Sometimes a hand of help is not provided by a human but an inanimate object that actually delivers a way better experience.

These 10 lifesaving products are just the perfect dose of help that you need for executing everyday tasks in the finest manner ever. You probably didn’t even know items like these even existed but here we are!

1 - Multiple Shopping Bag Handler

Multiple Shopping Bag Handler

Oh, aren’t we all too familiar with this dilemma! There are a bunch of shopping bags fresh from the grocers in front of you and you would rather die but do 2 trips to the kitchen. This multi-bag handler helps in saving you the headache.

With just one trip you can successfully haul all your shopping bags to the kitchen and not have to suffer through the ordeal. The handler is created to hold as many bags as you can carry and the safe ergonomic handle locks securely so you don’t have to face any accidents. 👉 Get 50% Off

2 - Universal Car Phone Holder with Maximum Stability

Universal Car Phone Holder

Everyone in the 21st century deserves to have a proper car phone holder. You can’t possibly personally handle your phone whilst driving and that’s why you need a durable and stable phone holder. This one holds all types of phones from 3.5 to 6.5 inches.

This amazing car gadget brings you groundbreaking features like its shock-absorbing, 5-point support design and silicone claws that keep your phone in place throughout the whole trip. Measuring to be the smallest phone holder in the market, it is non-slip as well and a true lifesaver. 👉 Get 50% Off

3 - Creative Space Saving Collapsible Clothes Hangar

Smart Collapsible Hanger

Saving closet space is the #1 goal of every small home owner. For a small price you can achieve your perfect closet dreams whether you live in a studio apartment or a tiny home. This smart collapsible hanger can hold up to 8 pieces of clothing while taking up only one hangar space.

With 360 degree rotation, it can be collapsed and shrunk so it can take up minimal space. The hangar is made from high end ABS plastic and able to withstand 40 pounds of weight. You can either hang your clothes in a circle or in a downwards row. 👉 Get 50% Off

4 - Reusable Laundry Hair Catcher

Daisy Laundry Hair Catcher

Laundry days are all fun and games until you have to deal with clean clothes full of lint and residue. The worst feeling ever is to see your clean clothes…looking dirty! Cop for yourself one of these laundry hair catchers that are able to catch every last bit of dirt from your clothes.

Featuring a net bag that traps all stray bits of thread, hair, lint, fuzz and dirt; your clothes will exit the washer spotless. Each hair catcher is liable to be used up to 200 times. After your wash cycle, simply remove the item, clean it and pack it for future use. 👉 Get 50% Off

5 - Micro Thermal Bag Sealer with Inbuilt Magnet

Bag Sealer With Fridge Magnet

Keeping your opened food fresh and eatable is surely a task. You are always scared of opening food and not being able to finish it and consequently it goes bad. Well push your fears to the side with this bag sealer than uses micro thermal technology to seal your opened bags and retain freshness.

Manufactured with a built in fridge magnet so it can be at our disposal at all times, the sealer works on bags that are up to 0.45 mm thickness. Takes up to 3 seconds for it to seal your bag and you’re good to go. 👉 Get 50% Off

6 - Universal Silicone No-Slip Footwear Covers

Silicovers Non-Slip Shoe Covers

Just got yourself new Nikes? Maybe the new Yeezys? Well, whatever it may be, no wants to get their shoes dirty in rainy season. These non-toxic silicone rubber slip-on shoe covers are just what you need in such a situation.

They can be universally used on any size shoe/foot as they are super elastic and they feature non-slip soles. They can be folded up and packed into any bag or even pocket of yours. Portable, durable, compact and highly useful these come in handy at times in need. 👉 Get 50% Off

7 - Exfoliating Shower Foot Brush

Exfoliating Sandal Brush

The trick to attaining baby soft feet every day is no longer rocket science. The foot exfoliating shower brush suctions onto your shower floor and helps you to easily scrub away at your feet without having to bend over and struggle.

The soft yet adequately effective bristles will reach to every nook and cranny around your toes and heels, giving you a full deep cleansing action. Available in pink and blue shades, they make a colorful and ultra-useful addition to your bathroom. 👉 Get 50% Off

8 - Mandoline Kitchen Grater and Chopper

Mandoline Kitchen Grater and Chopper

Having one kitchen utensil that executes various different activities is a deal that no one is willing to pass up. This Mandoline slicer is exactly that. It comes with 4 different blades that can help you peel, slice and grate your veggies.

Not just that but it also comes with other small additions like 4 removable covers that help you in draining, straining and separating egg whites. Every kitchen owner could use one of these nifty utensils that make your kitchen experience ultimately easy, peazy, lemon squeezy! 👉 Get 50% Off

9 - Easy and Quick Magnetic Charger

Easy and Quick Magnetic Charger

Broken charging cables, faulty charging jacks!

Ah, the problems of the 21st century! This magnetic charger makes all your problems vanish in a second. Basically how it works is that you buy a cable along with a small attachment that goes into your charging jack.

The attachment stays at all times in your charging jack and when you have to charge your phone simply bring your cable close to it and ZOOM! The two are automatically connected and a green light shows up at your cable.

In that way you save time and can seamlessly charge your phone. 👉 Get 50% Off

10 - Automatic Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

Automatic Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

Stirring your tea/coffee is bound to waste at least a total of 30 minutes during your day. The amount of time increases with the number of cups of coffee you drink. So, why waste your time when this automated self-stirring mug can do that for you.

With the touch of a button you can get the cyclonic action mixer built in the mug to stir up your mug’s contents in no time. Whether it is chocolate milk or tea you want to mix, this automatic mug has everything you need. 👉 Get 50% Off

11 - Stretchy Sealing Lids for ANYTHING!

Stretch & Seal Lids

Forget about Tupperware and sealing up your food in plastic containers! These stretchy, flexible sealing lids can be expanded and applied on to practically anything you want to preserve. From containers to bowls and glasses to even fresh fruits.

Made from safe and durable silicone material the lids fit on to practically anything. You get a set of 6 sealing lids upon purchase and they can either be of clear or blue color. Once stretched over your item of desire these lids stop any spills and air from penetrating their barrier making them your best sealing option. 👉 Get 50% Off

12 - Safe Non-Toxic BPA Free Dishwashing Gloves

Magic Dishwashing Gloves

Nothing feels better than thoroughly cleaning something you are hell bent on scrubbing spotless. And nothing does the job better than these magical dishwashing gloves.

Made from food grade silicone, they are soft yet durable and can clean practically anything. From walls to floors and dishes the strong bristles can scrub away every bit of residue and dirt off any surface.

And the best thing about them is that you can use your hands to clean everything without getting them dirty. You can go around the edges and corners that a brush or sponge normally wouldn’t reach. 👉 Get 50% Off

13 - Magnetic Curtain Holders

Magnetic Curtain Holders

Keeping your curtains drawn is an artistic and aesthetic way of decorating your house. But using this magnetic curtain holder to draw your curtains gives an even more attractive and appealing display.

Made up of a strong rope with magnetic balls on either end, it is meant to be wrapped around the girth of your curtain and secured. The product is slip-resistant and is manufactured with pretty powerful magnets that can wrap around the heaviest of curtains and retain their style and shape.

They require no drilling or installation and are available in a variety of colors to match your decor. 👉 Get 50% Off

14 - Stainless Steel Garlic Pressure Mincer

Stainless Steel Garlic Pressure Mincer

Garlic is quite literally the smelliest yet best addition to all foods. And the trickiest thing to do is to include it in your dishes and emerge from the kitchen not smelling like a vampire slayer.

This garlic pressure mincer brings you the best way to mince up your garlic cloves without reeking. The presser is a cleverly crafted tool with a handle and a small grater-like space.

The grater space is manufactured from pure stainless steel and is placed on top of the clove and pressure is applied. In that way your garlic is finely minced in to tiny bits in no time. 👉 Get 50% Off

15 - Practical Glass and Jar Brush Cleaner

Sink Glass Cleaner Brush

Glasses are known to be the peskiest items to ever be washed/cleaned. You just can never get to the base with your hand/sponge. Same goes to jars!

This brush cleaner that attaches to your sink with suction technology is just the thing you need for cleaning all your glasses, bottles and jars. With a spiral bristle brush paired alongside another brush aligned to it, this invention is pure genius. 

The spiral brush is meant to clean the interior of your container while the other brush cleans the exterior. All you have to do is rotate the container around the spiral brush. 👉 Get 50% Off