The Best Way to Get Your Kid to Sleep Is With A Baby Elephant Pillow

Having a baby in your life is undeniably one of the happiest and most invigorating events that you can ever go through. Although most may deem this sort of happening as a scary and daunting, it is actually quite the opposite.

There are many highly enjoyable activities and things to do that come with getting a child. One of the most amazing and super fun things that you can embark upon once you officially are a parent is shopping for children’s toys.

But instead of thinking of buying for your kid a toy only, think about a 2 in 1 kind of deal. What you buy for your kid does not necessarily have to serve the purpose of a toy alone.

But instead how about a toy that serves the purpose of comfort and a plaything? The idea might feel a little obscure to you, so why not read on and find out all about the baby elephant pillow.

What Is Baby Elephant Pillow?

baby elephant pillow

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If you want to provide your kid the ultimate amount of comfort as well as a play buddy then consider this invention. At first sight it looks like a normal soft, fabric elephant toy for kids. But that is not all of it. Due to its high level of comfort and soft touch, it can be also used as a pillow for your kid. It is common that kids love to sleep with their favorite toys to keep them company through the long hours of slumber. But this item is completely different as it is crafted in a way for it to be used as a pillow as well as a plaything. In this way, your kid can seek comfort from his/her favorite toy. This baby elephant pillow review will surely and thoroughly help you in making a well-informed decision as to how and why to purchase this item of interest.  

Where to Buy A Elephant Pillow?

adorable baby elephant pillow

After knowing about this cool and really helpful item you will definitely want to know where you can find it. There are undoubtedly many different types of elephant-shaped pillows out there. No shortage of those types of pillows! But if you are specifically searching for that “it” pillow that makes everything right for you, then look no further than Inspire Uplift. This store that has been running for a couple of years now and aims to do nothing more but please its customers; goes the extra mile for parents too.

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Providing distressed parents with the solution to all their problems, the adorable elephant plush toy pillow you can find at the store is exactly what you are searching for. Priced at $35 it comes in 5 different shades depending on which nursery theme you want to go for. It is pretty big allowing your kid to cling on to it until they are quite grown up. Measuring 23 inches and made of 100% pure and soft cotton, this pillow is exactly what you need for your kid.

Whether you want to purchase it in the shade of light pink or yellow, the choice is yours. Nevertheless, it will not only make a great addition to your nursery but will also add a colorful change to your kid’s life. There are way more beneficial advantages to purchasing this toy for your kid, so keep reading to learn more.

Benefits of This 2 in 1 Toy

elephant pillow

It is no secret that so many parents find it the most difficult thing ever to get their kids down. The second night comes around, every kid is fueled with some demonic energy that refuses to dwindle away. And they stay active for hours at end and when it is time for them to sleep, it is impossible to calm them down. For that purpose you have to sit them down and give them their favorite toy; this elephant pillow! Eventually they will end up cuddling with it and soon enough they will slip into a deep slumber. As this becomes a habit, your kid will start associating the toy with calm sleep hours.

So the next time you want to put them down simply slip the elephant toy in their arms and they will be snoozing away in no time. This is a rarely used but very useful trick that many have not yet mastered the use of it. Once your kid gets used to having this toy in their hands and finding comfort with it, then your kid will always link the item with their sleeping time. And in this way you cheat yourself into parenthood and master it like a chief before you know it!

Moreover, because of how soft and comforting the pillow is, your kid will not find it hard to cuddle with it and find the most amount of comfort with it. It is 100% cotton and will not cause any skin complications to your kid. Most parents worry that if their kid is allergic to any type of fabric and always spend way too much time worrying about which material the child’s bedspreads should be. But with this highly adorable and 100% safe elephant pillow & toy, you should throw your worries right out the window.

What Else Can It Be Used For?

As much as this pillow toy can be used as a comfortable cuddle buddy for your kid, there are of course other advantages and uses to it too. For instance, if you want you can also keep it as a decoration piece around your kid’s room or in the living room. As some parents like to hold on to their kid’s toys once their child grows up, you can keep it around for years at end as a décor piece to be placed wherever you like.

On top of that, this item is great to be presented as a gift to someone. You can either give it to your child as a birthday gift or wrap it up in glittery paper and gift it to an expectant mother on her baby shower. This kind of toy is not only highly valuable but when it is presented properly as a gift it can hold its value for actual decades at end. So make sure you plan the gift properly and its effect will last for a way longer amount of time than expected. Moreover, when the cameramen come out to snap some photos of the baby shower, you can place this cute toy in the background. It makes a great prop.

Last but not least, kids are not the only ones who can get the kicks out of playing around with this adorable plushy elephant toy. But instead if you are a “mother” to a bunch of cats or dogs and are searching for ways to make your “children’s” time more precious, then just get them one of these.

Harlene M, a happy customer who purchased this item states that “…my dogs love to lay on it and even I enjoy a quick nap on it” proving to everyone that she also in fact loves to snuggle with it.

So all in all there are many highly useful uses and possibilities to this adorable pillow item and you can find there even more advantages to it. Just remember to think outside of the box!