You Never Knew You Needed These Beach Necessities

Summer vacations are finally here after months of hard work and you can’t wait to kick back and relax, right? Of course you must have so many plans planned out for the summer of 2019. But are you really utilizing them to their full extent?

Say, you’re going to the beach but how can you know you’re milking every last ounce of fun from that trip? Well, the answer is easy. If you don’t have one of these genius inventions listed below, your beach trip is kinda going to suck!

Sorry! But true. Just look at these:

Automatic Easy Assembly Pop-Up UV Tent

Perfect for those who like their shade, privacy and great views. This easy to assemble pop-up UV tent gives you adequate shade and privacy while still giving you a great view of the beach.

It is super lightweight which makes it highly portable and you can carry it around to wherever you want. The tent is made up of a flooring which creates a resilient barrier against the sand and you and two walls that meet upwards to create a protective dome.

The mouth of the tent is open for you to look out from as you laze under its shade. Available in silver, blue and green; choose your favorite! 👉 Shop Now

Protective Sticky Soles for Bare Beach Feet

Protective Sticky Soles for Bare Beach Feet

No one wears shoes/sandals/slippers to the beach! That is all fine and dandy until the sand burns your feet, you accidentally step on a jagged stone and before you know it, walking on sand is the last thing you want to do.

But, you can retain the beauty of your vacation and the freedom of your feet with these sticky protective soles. Stick them on the soles of your feet and go wherever you like.

These soles are waterproof, resistant to heat and cuts and best of all are anti-skid. You can practically go anywhere with them and they will act as the best protective pair of shoes except without the top. 👉 Buy Now

Foodie Beach Blankets and Cover Ups

Foodie Beach Blankets and Cover Ups

Give your beach bag’s contents fun and innovative twist with these cute beach blankets. They double up as cover-ups as well and that isn’t even the best thing about them.

They’re made from spandex and are available in 8 different designs and most of them are inspired by…food. Talk about summer spirit!

Watermelon, cupcake, donut and pineapple designs are only some of them. Imagine how cool these would look on your Instagram profile. 👉 Get it Now

Genius Sand Proof Beach Mat

Genius Sand Proof Beach Mat

Did you know the beaches of the world are highly endangered? Yep! Turns out all those vacationers when packing up their belongings tend to pack up a bucket of sand too.

In this way the sand on the beaches is slowly getting lesser and lesser. That imposes a huge negative impact on the environment. So if you care even a smidgen about this world and the beaches in it, consider this genius invention.

Switch out your usual beach mat for this sand-proof one. Manufactured with dual-mesh material, it easily sifts off all the sand from on top of it. Pile all the sand you want on top of it, but as soon as you lift it up and dust off the sand from it, it will fall right off.

Moreover, the best thing about it is that no matter how mesh like it is, sand/dirt can’t rise up into it from the ground. Spread it wherever you like and enjoy a clean sand-free environment on top of it.

You can even have a perfect picnic lunch on top of it. Oh and if you’re scared that a breeze might blow the light material about, the fear not! The mat is so airy, that the wind will pass right through it without turning anything upside down. 👉 Click Here to Buy 

Cute Pool Floatie Cup Holders

Cute Pool Floatie Cup Holders

Whether you’re enjoying a pool party or are spending some time out in the ocean, these cup holders will satisfy your needs. They’re basically teeny floaties, but for your drinks.

You can place any drink in them from a Starbucks cup to a red party cup and the rest they’ll take care of it. Choose from different adorable designs like a flamingo, unicorn and frosted donuts.

They’re bound to make everything way cuter than it should be. 👉 Shop Now

3 in 1 Beach Pop-Up Tent for Babies

3 in 1 Beach Pop-Up Tent for Babies

Taking your baby to the beach has never been this fun before. If you’re scared that he/she might catch a sunstroke or burn themselves from the sand, then this solves all your issues. You can also let them in on some water action.

Since it is highly unadvised to let your kid under 3 years to romp around in the ocean water, this 3 in 1 pop-up tent solves 100% of all your problems.

The tent is made of UPF 50+ Polyester fabric which protects your baby’s soft skin from the harmful sun rays. But there’s more to it!

The tent also doubles up to be a kiddie pool and with the help of a shade at the mouth of the tent, it also saves your kid from pesky flies, mosquitos and other bugs.

Lightweight and can be assembled in under 10 seconds, your kid can now enjoy the beach trips just as much as you are. 👉 Get it Now

Insulated Wine Cups for Beach Parties

Insulated Wine Cups for Beach Parties

What are beach parties without the complimentary wine? Yes, alcohol is overrated! Turn up to a beach party in the proper manner with the reddest of wines.

However, you can’t drink warm wine! Drinks tend to get warm in the hot beach sunshine and unlike other beverages you can’t stick a wine bottle in a bucket of ice.

Perhaps, these insulated wine cups can be of help! Made from lead-free stainless steel they feature condensation and sweat proof exterior walls.

And they are not only for wine, but also for other beverages and they’ll keep your drink cold for as long as it is in the cup. So pour yourself another and another, and remember to have the time of your life with a cold drink clutched in your hand. 👉 Shop Now