Uses and Benefits of Bunion Corrector Platform Sandals

Body ailments are something that everybody tries to avoid. However, even the most careful ones can sometimes fall victim to certain pains and body troubles.

A prime example of such a situation is when people develop bunions. Bunions are painful and interfere a lot in your life once you are burdened with them. If you’re wondering what in the world could bunions be, we’ve compiled everything that you need to know about this condition below:

What Are Bunions?

Usually caused by the frequent wear of tight, undersized shoes; bunions occur when your toe joints are pressured out of shape. Generally this happens with the big toe, because when pressure is applied on it, it kneels towards the second toe hence the toe joint begins to jut outwards.

As the naturally straight big toe is pressed inwards (towards the second toe), its joint begins to push against its position and consequently starts protruding evidently beneath the skin. Thus forms a bunion.

Since the human foot is not designed to look like that or carry such a big bump in that place specifically, the bump will start to pain. Every shoe you wear will not be comfortable enough as it will be applying a considerable amount of pressure on your bunion.

Moreover, because of the odd angle of the bunion, the skin on top could get bruised and inflamed because of frequent unavoidable friction. Even moving your big toe will cause you pain and discomfort.

What Causes Bunions to Form?

The biggest elephant in the room currently is the burning question…what causes bunions to form?

It is simple! Anything that pushes your big toe joint out of place can result in bunions forming. For instance wearing shoes that are way too fitted around the toe area, will lead to deforming your toes.

Athletes who wear the wrong size shoes and/or perform sports in an unattended-to manner; will also cause themselves joint pain and eventually bunions. However, bunions are not always a product of self-carelessness.

There are some people who have them running in their family, and they develop naturally. The cause of that could be weak foot structure from certain deficiencies carried down from ancestors to descendants. 

Patients of arthritis and gout also tend to suffer from bunions as well as people who are naturally born with one leg longer than the other. It is said that women happen to suffer from bunions way more than men but that’s only because they make it a habit to wear tightly fitted heels.

Heels are a #1 reason for people to develop bunions as not only is your foot angled in a weird position and all the weight of your body is directed to your toes. But these types of footwear can also be incredibly uncomfortable and stiff on the inside.

Cures for Bunions

Bunions have been around for quite a while and have been causing people a heck load of pain too. Hence, cures were devised! Here are some of them:

  1. Shoe Inserts

The purpose of these is to cozy up your shoe’s interior, making it more comfortable for your bunion-ridden feet. They come in padded variations and others that distribute pressure in a way that doesn’t worsen the state of your feet.

  1. Medication

These are a broadly used option for doctors as they help in relieving the pain associated with bunions. There are also certain types of injections that help with the whole process.

  1. Surgery

Usually in these cases, surgery is not preferred as it is quite time consuming. But, that entirely depends on the severity of the bunion and the situation at hand. People who develop bunions from minor reasons like wearing uncomfortable shoes for too long shouldn’t go for such drastic and serious procedures.  

What Are The Bunion Corrector Sandals?

bunion corrector sandals

The aforementioned cures for bunions must have sounded quite hectic to you, right? Not only intrusive but they are not quite as practical as you imagined them to be.

Well, bunions are a pain and it is not that easy to get rid of them once they form. However, there has been invented a new cure and solution for bunion-ridden people. Bunion corrector sandals are a functional and nifty way of helping you get rid of your bunions.

They incorporate a type of pressure therapy that gently and gradually pushes your protruding joint inwards where it originally was. It is called correction therapy and you will not feel anything while it is in progress.

The sandals are shaped like any other stylish summer sandal except that it features a toe strap that wraps around your big toe. Regardless of this design built for support and healing, the sandals still maintain an exceptional air of style and fashion.

The longer you wear sandals, the more ensured and beneficial the results are.

Benefits of Using Corrector Sandals

bunion sandals

Apart from the fact that come at a really affordable price and do not need you to be going out of your way at all; these corrector sandals pack on a lot more benefits.

First and foremost comes the appeal factor. Most shoes that are built to correct certain foot ailments like this one, don’t really pay attention to the appeal factor. However, these sandals look great and modern while also helping you out.

They also come with a platform heel to further give you a feeling of confidence and beauty while you are wearing them. Comfort is a number 1 aspect of these sandals that’s why they are made from PU leather. Safe, environment conscious and super comfy…hell yes!

Let’s talk about these sandals from the fashion pint of view for a second here! Available in 6 different colors and 1 animal print; these sandals adhere to all fashion standards. They will fit right into your wardrobe without causing you any issues or annoyances.

You can also find these sandals in 9 different sizes, ranging from 5 to 10.5. Chances are…you will definitely find your perfect fit without any issue.

However, the beauty of these sandals lies the most in how they are craftily made to hide and heal your bunions. You no longer have to walk around with completely closed shoes to hide your bunions as that in turn actually worsens their state.

Instead of that, these sandals apply adequate healing pressure while still hiding the obviousness of your bumpy bunion.

Where to Buy Bunion Corrector Sandals?

bunion corrector platform sandals

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