The Benefits and Uses of the Derma Skin Scrubber Pen

Skincare is one of the most interesting, sought after concepts nowadays. Everyone wants to practice it but only a few know how to properly incorporate it into their routine.

This type of practice is quite delicate to say the least. It has to be done in proportion and adequately or else instead of benefitting yourself, you will be harming yourself. There are many things to keep in mind when adopting or developing your own skincare routine.

For instance, which face masks, scrubs, lotions, moisturizers, serums and cleansers you should be using. Not just that but understanding and learning about your own skin is also a key point of starting a skincare routine.

However, one of the most discussed about things in the skincare industry is the procedure of facials. Many people believe that the key to getting clearer, cleaner and smoother skin is to get as many facials as possible.

Not only is that horribly wrong and could bring about disastrous results but also spa facials are known to utilize certain chemicals and products that can be harmful when used frequently. It is a widespread known fact in the beauty industry that the most effective facials are done with 100% natural and safe materials as well as products.

So, it begs the question…what is the safest and most natural way to perform a facial? Your answer is the blissfully life-saving derma skin scrubber pen.

What Is A Derma Skin Scrubber Pen?

Derma skin scrubber pen

More commonly known as a ‘skin spatula’, this skincare tool is a very unique and useful one. The basic function of this tool is to dislodge and remove all impurities that have found a home in your face’s pores with the help of strong ultrasonic vibrations.

It is a small and portable sort of tool with a handle and a button for you to press and trigger the vibrations to start. There are 3 modes of the pen which depends on what function you want it to perform.

‘Lifting’, ‘Moisturizing’ and ‘Cleansing’ all are used for different functions as the pen has more than just one use. The ‘Moisturizing’ ultrasonic vibrations are also used to properly seal in products into our skin. So for example, if you have a sheet mask on you can use the pen to massage all over the covered areas.

In that way the moisturizing and beneficial agents of the mask will be massaged deeper into your skin. Way to get your money’s worth! The ‘Cleansing’ mode is used for when you have any sort of cleaning agent on your face like a cleanser, soap or makeup remover and then you use this mode to remove all dirt from your pores.

Lastly, the ‘Lifting’ mode is a highly useful and should always be a part of your skincare routine. It is vital in giving your skin that young, plump look and keeping your wrinkles at bay. Utilizing special and concentrated massage techniques, use the pen as your massager and have at it!

How to Use Scrubber Pens?

There is a common misconception regarding these skin tools which is actually quite alarming and destructive. People believe that if they press the edge of the pen deeper into their skin they can drive out the blackheads and dirt quicker.

Newsflash…that is completely wrong!

The scrubber pen already is manufactured to create ultrasonic vibrations throughout your skin and those are the only factors that play a role in cleaning your skin. If you press the massager deeper into your skin you are only worsening matters.

Applying pressure on your skin in that manner and attempting to “squeeze out the dirt” will only result in you pushing the dirt and impurities deeper into your pores. Thus, your pores will be more likely to be clogged and unable to breathe and breakouts as well as pimples will start springing up everywhere.

Using a scrubber pen doesn’t involve any pressure whatsoever. All you have to do is, move the spatula against your skin in upwards motions. The vibrations will do their part in dislodging all unfamiliar and alien impurities from your skin.

It is also worth mentioning that consistency is key. Do not expect your skin to be looking fabulous and your blackheads to disappear after one session with this tool.

Keep going at it and eventually you will see wonderful results.

Benefits of Using Scrubber Pens

One of the most outstanding and unique benefits of using this scrubber pen is that you yourself can use it. You can perform at home facials and provide yourself with the best experience ever while still staying in your comfort zone.

Usually at spas and salons where you get facials done to you by others there are some things out of your control. For instance you can’t determine what exactly you want on your face and what you don’t. However, with the use of this scrubber pen; you can customize your own personal facial routine.

Moreover, the ease and practicality of this pen adds to its advantages. There is no elaborate procedure or plan as to how you can use this tool. Simply click a button and go along with your skincare routine.

It is also completely safe and has no side effects such as redness or irritation (those might occur if you use the scrubber pen in a WRONG way). You can even use it on your skin without applying anything. For example, just wash your face with plain water and get down to giving yourself a massage with this device.

The pen also improves blood circulation in your face resulting in healthier and fresher looking skin.

Where To Buy A Skin Scrubber Pen?

skin scrubber

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