Dog Owners, Stack Your Cash! These Products Will Steal Your Heart

There is no shortage of dog lovers in this world. Everyone appreciates these furry little angels sent straight from heaven. They are not only our companions, best friends, guardians, cuddle buddies but they also eat all our leftovers too.

Without question, we would have gotten nowhere if it wasn’t for our trusty companions. It’s no secret that no matter how much they love us and appreciate us, we will always be their biggest fans. Always and forever!

So why not express your love and appreciation for these creatures through merchandise of many sorts? We have just the right collection of cute doggy shirts (for humans) and necklaces and more awesome gifts for yourself.

Delve right in!

Doggy Apprentice Better Be Allowed

If I Can't Bring My Dog T-Shirt

Who invented “No Dogs Allowed” signs, anyway? Dogs should be allowed everywhere you go (as long as there are no allergic people around). But if that is not made abundantly clear by your intentions already then this shirt will do.

Express those thoughts that are deeply embedded in your heart with this casual, straightforward and super comfy tee. It gets the point across in the most effortless and to the point manner ever.

Available in 3 colors and 5 different sizes you can style this shirt with any outfit possible. Not just that but it is perfect for men and women both, as it is very versatile.

The soft cotton blend material makes it even perfect for you to wear when snuggling with your doggy after you take him/her along wherever you go.

Humanity Irks! Doggies Win!

Hang With My Dog T-Shirt

Ever felt like the whole world annoys you? Or maybe if anyone breathes around you, it makes you feel like throwing china plates around.

Well that is officially a mood for 99% of all millennials. However, there is always their trusted furry friend to keep them company. Somehow the presence of a dog is never annoying and you can always trust your puppy to be your best friend when humans fail you.

Well, if your intentions weren’t clear enough then this shirt makes it abundantly clear. Sporting the words “I JUST WANT TO HANG WITH MY DOG” it will definitely attract all the dogs to you and drive the humans away.

Isn’t that exactly what you need?

Mother of Dogs!

Hashtag DogMom Tshirt

The First of Her Name, Queen of the 7 Canine Kingdoms, Protector of the Puppies, Breaker of Dog Food Boxes and Mother of All Dogs.

Sounds like a pretty sweet name! You must have officially adopted this title the second you took in a dog and cared for it as your own child.

“Dog momming” is pretty popular and everyone takes it as a privilege to be named as a dog mother. In fact so much so, even men don’t mind being called that. Now those are real men!

Anyway, caring for a dog as your child and taking up the responsibility of keeping it happy, fed, watered, and bathed and more than anything giving it nightly cuddles; is the highlight of everyone’s life. 

Take up this responsibility as an award for yourself with this highly relatable and unique tee. Incorporating modern trend culture with a “#DOGMom” quote on a super soft cotton blend t-shirt that speaks comfort in all 54 fashion languages.

Available in base colors of burgundy, black and grey you can style possibly any outfit with these highly innovative colors increasing the versatility of this fantastic product. Moreover, no worries about the sizing for you have 5 different sizes from S to XXL for all people.

Life Goals and Priorities Set Straight!

Stay At Home Dog Mom T-Shirt

This life just gets too much, no? Who feels like retiring from studies, work and socializing and retreating to a cottage in Sweden with 54 dog children? I’m in!

Well, since you’ve quit your job then renting a Swedish cottage would pose a little issue. A big issue. So…keep dreaming!

But instead of materializing your dreams and blowing them out of proportionality (we all know you will regret the Swedish cottage when your Instagram won’t work because of no WiFi/signals), opt for a cool and casual alternative.

Switch your life to a stay at home mom! A stay at home dog mom. Those are more fun than the latter, obviously. And this tee, expresses your untold emotions and wishes better than anything else.

“I just want to be A Stay At Home Dog Mom” reads the tee and we couldn’t have put it in a better way. Pair it with a skirt, shorts, skinnies or leggings…whatever! And it will look downright fabulous. 

Made from the softest and most comfortable poly material, you are sure to receive many compliments for this purchase.

You Complete Me” Necklace

Best Friend Necklace

You’ve probably seen this kind of necklace slunk around the neck of high-schoolers in the hallways. But enough of that!

Now it’s your time to sport this highly adorable number. But this time, you will be sharing the other half of the heart with the actual love of your life.

You know…your little furry buddy who scrambles about on all fours! The necklace is a unique idea for you and your doggy.  

The heart when stuck together reads “BESTFRIEND”. One half is attached to a necklace (for you) and the other is attached to a hook that fixes into your dog’s collar.

Simple, to the point and perfectly expressive, you can get in colors of silver and gold. The silver is premium silver and if you choose to get the gold one, then that’ll be gold plated for you.

Flawlessly compact and cute it measures 1.8 cm and is only noticeable if you want it to be.

3 Best Things to Ever Happen to You

Priorities T-Shirt

Have you ever wondered about what are the top 3 things you adore the most in this world? Can’t figure them? Well then what are the 3 things you’d rescue during a zombie apocalypse?

This shirt makes the task easy for you as it lists all the important things in your life. Dogs, books and coffee! Easy! It’s definitely possible for you to be stuffing your puppy under one arm, 5 books under the other and a coffee machine in your right hand; sprinting out of your home during an apocalypse.

Yep! We see that happening!

The shirt is the epitome of simplicity with its availability in Grey and Black and the simple yet effective font choice. Manufactured with a scoop neckline and short, loose sleeves; you will feel nothing but comfort in this clothing piece.

Puppy Pie Crust

Puppy Pie Crust

Sounds like cannibalism but actually is super cute!  

With this rolling pin you can make the cutest pies ever with puppy prints all over them. All you have to do is give the pie crust one final roll with this rolling pin and it will leave adorable dog, paw print and bone signs all over.

The tool measures 38 cm and made from high-quality hardwood, you are bound to receive your money’s worth with this product.