Gifts for Mechanics – Make Their Lives and Work Easier

There is always a category of gift ideas for every type of person in your life.

Whether it is a family member or someone who is particularly interested in a certain line of work. Gifts are plenty in number and everyone can get a fair share of them.

If you are worrying over what kind of gifts for mechanics you should be purchasing, well stop! There is a plethora of different nifty inventions and cool gadgets to choose from and make a fine pick. Facing any difficulty in picking out the perfect gadget/item?

Here, let us give you a head start with these highly functional and useful gift ideas that will greatly help your mechanic friends in their workplace:

1 - The Grip-Anything Tool

magic grip tool

Gone are the days when you get sick of searching for the right screwdriver to drive that nail home! Do you really think you have to be switching from between screwdrivers and trying to find one with the right tip judging on the nail you’re working with?

That is a headache no one needs or wants to deal with. The grip anything tool is made for that exact reason. It can be fixed onto any power drill and with its 54 steel pin tip, you can drill anything into a wall. Be it a hook or a 6-point nail head that keeps slipping from your usual screwdriver.

The universal socket wrench can grip sizes from 7 mm to 19 mm. Its maximum torque ability goes up to 150 ft.lbs! If you do not even own a power drill, the little gadget can be fixed onto any screwdriver you own.

Needless to say, it is nifty, useful and highly handy. 👉 Buy Now

2 - Contour Gauge for Indentation Measurements

Contour Duplication Gauge

Indentations are not easy to measure! Knowing the dimensions of that pipe sticking out of the floor in the bathroom that you have to tile the floor around…that’s hard stuff right there!

This is why this contour gauge was created. With its intelligent technology, it can measure around practically any irregular object that can’t be sized up with a ruler. The tool is super easy to use and all you need to do is press it against anything you want to measure.

The flexible plastic gauge quickly molds itself into the shape of whatever you push it up against. Later you can trace out this shape onto any tile/lamination/wallpaper you are using. 👉 Click Here to Buy

3 - Magnetic Wristband for Nails and Screws

Magnetic Wristband for Nails and Screws

Oh, God the struggle when you keep losing the nuts or screws you are working with. It is a natural occurrence but a highly annoying one. This handyman wristband puts an end to the nail search struggle and keeps a supply of them at your disposal at all times.

It is pretty secure and works by being fastened to your wrist with the help of Velcro straps. The magnets incorporated inside the wristband’s stitching and binding will help in keeping a bunch of nails, screws, nuts, or anything you quickly need at hand.

Available in 4 different colors it is sure to blend into your workplace just fine. 👉 Shop Now

4 - Ultra Sticky Pack of 10 Pads

Ultra Sticky Pack of 10 Pads

Want to hang something up on your walls? Even a mechanic can get tired of drilling holes here and there. So, no need to do that! This pack of 10 sticky pads, will end all your struggles and troubles.

The reusable pads are a literal lifesaver as they need minimal prep. Upon purchase when you receive them, peel off the protective layer of plastic that they are enclosed in and stick them to any surface. Afterwards, you can stick practically anything that weighs less than 5 pounds on it.

Used in sticking down rugs, or your phone against the wall as it charges or even for more assembling the collection of family photos in the living room. There is no limit as to how you can use these sticky buggers, just let your creativity run wild. 👉 Get it Here

5 - Magnetic Rack Tool Organizer

Magnetic Rack Tool Organizer

Another wonderful way of organizing your tools and belongings the magnetic strip organizer makes everything easier for you. With its easy installation, you can instantly put it up on any of your workplace’s walls and start organizing your things.

The magnetic strips are available in 3 different lengths: 8 inches / 12 inches / 18 inches. Each length can hold its fair share of weight but it is enough to hold up your heavy tools like hammers, spanners, wrenches and pliers.

Now you no longer have to worry about lost tools and where to search for them. With easy retrieval and placement, this organizer makes life easier. 👉 Buy Now

6 - Angle Measuring Handheld Tool

Angle Measuring Handheld Tool

We can all understand this struggle but it is mechanics who have it worst. Measuring small distances here and there and having to estimate the length of things is a task. Since mechanics work has to do with precision and guarantee, this tool is vital.

The clever little yellow tool is a useful addition to your workplace as it makes all tasks way easier. It works with adjustable and movable buttons over 4 rulers that overlap to create the most precise measurement of any place, corner, edge…etc. 👉 Get 60% off

7 - Drilling Extension for Uncomfortable Positions

Flexible Drill Extension

There are times when you gotta drill something but its positioning is too unfortunate. Either the area is way too cramped or you have to drill a nail into something that is literally upside down.

In such situations it is hard to maintain precision and there is a high possibility that the job could get a little messed up. This flexible drilling extension is to save your life in such moments. One end is fixed onto your power drill tip and the other against the nail to be drilled.

As it is flexible and can be bent, you can now drill practically anything without worrying about something obstructing your way. 👉 Check it out

8 - Handyman Universal Tool

48 in 1 Handyman Universal Tool

No more messy tool kits! We live in 2019 for God’s sake. Do you really have to pack with you like 50 wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers? The variety is necessary no doubt but not when you have a universal handyman tool like this one.

The one singular tool holds the strength of 48 different tools. As long as you know how to switch out the different adjustments, this tool will be all you need. You get 16 different wrench heads all in one tool that change on the command of a button pressed.

With standard and metric options at both ends, the gadget can be easily gripped from the middle and utilized to maximum benefit. What are you waiting for? 👉 Shop Now