Here's How to Clean a Makeup Brush In 60 Seconds Tops

Makeup is an integral part of every woman’s life, no? Not just restricted to women but everyone who loves this art, it is a revolutionary and legendary concept which has been around for centuries and will be here for a hundred more.

But with makeup comes maintenance to some degree. You have to take care of a bunch of things if you are a diehard fan of makeup. For instance, properly removing your makeup before bed every night.

Another important precautionary step to take is to clean the tools you use to apply your makeup. That is something just as important as removing your makeup off completely every night. In fact, when left ignored your dirty makeup application tools could cause so many more issues.

Problems Caused By Dirty Makeup Appliances

Whether you are using makeup brushes, a silicon sponge or a beauty blender, you still have to clean them all. Each makeup applicator holds its set of characteristics that make it special.

And it is due to these specifications that they all should be specifically cleaned. For example, makeup brushes and beauty blenders are porous thus they absorb product and dirt/grease from your face quicker.

If you are regular with your brush cleaning, you will avoid many different issues that stem from dirty sponges and brushes. What are these issues you may ask?

Well, think of it as using a dirty towel on your face. The dirt/grease that is already on the towel will find a way back to your face and consequently cause breakouts, clogged pores and other skin problems.

Using anything that is dirty on your face will give your pores a hard time as they will trap the gunk and wreak havoc on your skin. So, be regular with your makeup brush and sponge cleaning schedule. It will save your time and money on skincare products in the long run.

How Frequently You Should Clean Makeup Brushes

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Makeup brushes are of a large variety! You have foundation brushes, blush brushes, powder brushes and the classic eye brushes. Each brush has its own story for you can’t clean all of them on the same basis.

Like for example, you must wash your foundation and concealer brushes once every week. But your eye brushes should be washed 2-3 times in a month as they are not used that much and mostly deal with the area around your eyes.

Since your eye area is always cleaner than the rest of your face and doesn’t hold as much dirt in the pores, your eye makeup brushes shouldn’t be washed too frequently. That could wear them out and shorter their life substantially.

However if you wash them regularly and make a routine out of it, that could actually extend their life.  

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes At Home

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Cleaning your makeup brushes is just as therapeutic as cleaning your makeup of your face. It is a calm activity that encourages cleaner skin and a healthier approach towards your skin. Besides, it is also highly enjoyable. Let’s show you how!

The Makeup Brush Cleaner is a super elaborate yet genius technology to help clean your brushes in the most fun and interesting manner ever. The package consists of a button powered gadget, rubber brush holders and a plastic bowl.

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Basically, the button powered gadget is a handle on to which you attach the rubber brush holders. The rubber brush holders are of universal size so you can easily fit any brush onto them. Next comes the purpose of the plastic bowl.

The plastic bowl is meant to hold water and brush cleaner. It comes with a removable splashguard that helps in keeping the whole job all the less messy.

All you have to do to start cleaning your brushes is, fix the rubber brush holders to the handle, fix a brush inside the holder, grasp the handle and lower your brush so it can get submerged in the cleaning solution.

Next, just press the power button on the handle. This will make the rubber holders spin along with your brush in the cleaning solution.

After you’ve given your brush a good spin in the cleaning solution, lift it up a bit so it can remove itself from the water (while spinning). As it above water, it will be spinning in the air which is the best way to quickly and successfully dry it.

How to clean makeup brushes at home in this way is effective, quiet, easy and smooth. It is the best you can get! You don’t have to get your hands wet, or set aside a whole hour to clean your brushes. Cleaning and drying one brush takes about 60 seconds only. 👉 Shop Now

How to Clean Makeup Sponges

There are many ways to clean makeup sponges! Some like to pop them in the microwave in a bowl of soapy water while others like to soak them in cleaning solution then gently squeeze all the product from them.

Whatever way works for you, you should go for it. But remember to always be gentle while handling the sponges as they are prone to getting cut when pressure is applied on them.