How To Get A Dent Out Of A Car With No Skills Needed

Oh, don’t we love our cars! Well anyone would love a hunk of metal they’ve spent probably tens of thousands of dollars on.

But cars are after all, just hunks of metal! They are prone to scratches, paint wearing off, and more than anything dents. Everyone dents their cars, not just beginners.

Car dents occur from all sorts of reasons. Maybe you yourself are to blame after absent mindedly bumping up a curb, crashing into a wall or misjudging how narrow the space was on the highway to squeeze your way through.

But at other times the blame is not on you. Sometimes you are a 100% safe driver and the other drivers on the road are testing your nerves. Either way, dents do occur on the surface of your car! And they need to be dealt with.

Most people upon seeing their car dented will wonder how to get a dent out of a car. But because they are inexperienced in this field they have to drive up to the nearest mechanic and get the issue fixed.

Is a Mechanic Really Needed?

In such situations, you must ask yourself this question. Do I really need a mechanic? Mechanics undoubtedly will fix up a little issue in your car and charge you a ridiculously high amount of cash. That is their job after all!

But as some people are experienced in this field of car mechanics, they don’t really have to go through the hassle of paying a visit to a professional mechanic. They can easily fix up their car in the comfort of their home.

How about those other inexperienced and helpless individuals with dents a plenty in their car and no other option but an expensive mechanic? For such people, they need some serious assistance.

No, they can’t possibly be taught car mechanics. Is there even a course on how to get a dent out of a car? Nah! What they do need is to be educated on this super nifty and super helpful car gadget from Inspire Uplift.

What Is A Inspire Uplift?

Let’s start with the most obvious and easiest to answer question! Inspire Uplift is undoubtedly the best and most guaranteed and trusted retailer you want to choose to shop from.

Their stock includes the biggest number of high-tech inventions at the most nominal prices you can ever find.

Today you will be hearing all about their very special gadget for car dents. The Dent Removal Repair Tool Kit is the perfect item for every car owner. Whether it is a small dent or a big one, this kit is all about saving your life and money.

Check out how to get a dent out of a car with this tool:

What Is The Dent Removal Repair Tool Kit?

Dent Removal Repair Tool

Two words. Suction pressure.

This tool exercises the perfect amount of suction pressure to fix your car dents. The tool to be used is fairly small and can be stowed away practically anywhere you like. Whether in your glove compartment or work suitcase, it fits.

As you can see in the image of the product there are two small black platforms (puller pads) on either side of the item. Those are for placing on the surface you will be “undenting” but they need some more assistance on the side.

You will need to use the white crayons included to attach the puller pads to your desired surface. The white crayons are glue ones and should be fixed in a hot glue gun to work execute the task perfectly.

The glue should create a small pool of about 1-2 mm. While the glue is still wet and tacky, you should press the puller pads on to it and attach it to the surface of the car.

It is advised to press the puller pads onto the glue while it is still wet and fresh because if it dries up a little then the whole procedure will fail. Once the puller pads are attached to the surface then the rest of the job is pretty easily predictable.

Now all you have to do is take hold of the screw on top and unscrew it to let the suction cup…suck out the dent, basically! Now you must be thinking what to do with the glue remnants?

The Cleanup Process

Dent Removal Repair Tool Kit

Surely you can’t drive around with two pools of dried glue on your vehicle. Included in the package is equipment used to remove the glue splotches after you are done undenting your car.

First and foremost, there is a spray to loosen up the glue from your car surface. Give it a few spritz on the glued area and wait for a while. Now use the included plastic scraper to nudge away the dried up glue.

There is nothing to worry about for the gadget is made in such a way that no scratches will be left behind on your car. From the plastic scraper to the puller pads, they are all made from plastic and rubber that will leave behind no mark on your car’s metal surface.

The Best of Both Worlds

Dent Removal

This gadget comes with 5 different suction pads for you to fix depending on the dent you are dealing with. Assembling the gadget for the procedure is fairly easy and requires no extra hands.

It is worth mentioning that this tool is perfect for dents on flat surfaces and cannot be utilized over creases and corners. In that way the suction cup cannot fit soundly and will not execute the task properly.

More than anything it is worth mentioning how affordable this gadget is! A true worthy investment that will surely stick around with you for a long time giving you your money’s worth.