How To Keep Your Car Clean on Road Trips (Dog Version)

Who doesn’t love dogs? Their infectious joyous nature, readiness to cuddle at any hour of the day and their presence alone is enough to lift anyone’s spirits.

This is why we always say dog is man’s best friend. What more do we need from a friend if not happiness, cuddles and peace.

But dogs also come handy in so many situations. For example for blind people, their seeing dogs have to be with them at all times.

In such cases it becomes necessary to take your dog with you wherever you go. But wait! Dogs are not the easiest travel buddies to be skipping along on a road trip with them.

Dogs aren’t all sunshine and sparkles! They can get fidgety and restless, need walks and bathroom breaks, fresh air, stretch of legs…the list goes on and on.

But possibly the most annoying thing about having a dog is how they shed their fur practically everywhere. This situation gets all the more serious if you have a really furry/big dog.

Nonetheless, all dogs shed! And it is completely normal. Among the other dog gadgets that you must have as a pet owner, something to keep your vehicle fur-free is also important.

How to Keep Your Vehicle Fur Free

Of course, you can walk your dog to the park and back and not worry about the fur situation. But when it comes to long trips to a holiday resort or to the beach that is when you should be seriously brainstorming some solutions.

No one can bear the thought of leaving their pet behind. And why go through the hassle of hiring a dog sitter or leaving your beloved canine at the vet, when you can just take it along with you.

Floor Liners or Mat Covers

Floor Liners or Mat Covers

Your canine will undoubtedly find himself/herself a comfortable spot in the front/back seats. But due to the nature of their fur it will settle down to the lowest part of the vehicle. Mostly to the areas which are hardest to clean!

But that is exactly the purpose and importance of lining your floors with liners or covers. They can be easily removed, cleaned and placed back without further hassle.

It is always recommended that plastic covers and liners be used because they are easiest to clean. Simply dusting them off will do but you can also vacuum them clean.

In both cases, you can eliminate the fur problem without any trouble.

Seat Covers

seat cover

Now that you have resolved the issue of the car floor, let’s pay attention to the biggest elephant in the room. Wherever your dog sits, there will be the most fur!

And whether your seat is leather or fabric, the fur will find its way to the smallest of crevices and settle there. This is why you should get some seat covers before you embark upon your road trip.

Not exactly the most attractive thing to put in your car but practicality over anything. Seat covers are possibly the easiest thing for you to use and easily get rid of all your pet’s fur.

Once you fix them on your car seat, your dog is free to settle as comfortably as he/she wants. After the long trip, you can simply unfasten the seat cover and clean it up.

However, if you are looking for a 2 in 1 deal of car seat cover as well as mat cover, this Waterproof Dog Hammock Car Seat Cover is all that you’re looking for. It brightens up your car’s interior and makes dog trips way more fun and less of a headache. 👉 Click Here to Buy

Doggy Fur No More!

Pet Hair Cleaner

Addressing the biggest issue over here! We’ve discussed the annoyance of doggy hair everywhere! But as much as you may take precaution with the seat covers and liners, you still need a proper way to clean the leftover fur.

The fur is bound to stick to some part of your seat and more than anything find its way onto your clothes. Now no amount of seat covers will remove the fur off your clothes.

Invest in a Pet Hair Cleaner, which is up for grabs on the official Inspire Uplift portal. The small box shaped gadget is handy, portable and super easy to use.

All you have to do is use it as a brush/mop to sweep up fur from any area. And the best thing about it is that it works for both cats and dogs fur.

Regardless of how deeply rooted all that fur is in your car seat, this hair cleaner can remove the most stubbornly attached fur.  👉 Click Here to Buy

Doggy Paw Cleaner

doggy paw cleaner

As much as you may prep your car interior for the arrival of your dog, you must also prepare your dog for your car. Focus on the paws!

Humans have shoes but unfortunately dogs have nothing but paws! And it is with these paws they tread over every disgusting thing that comes in their way. Let’s not get into the details!

Bottom line being; you must clean your dog’s paws before they find their way into your car. That is doable if you give your dog a good scrub down before setting off.

But in between the trip when your buddy needs bathroom breaks and a walk, his paws get dirty all over again. This is why you need a doggy paw cleaner on the go.

The Pet Paw Cleaner from Inspire Uplift provides you with the luxury of cleanliness on the go. Their BPA free tumbler shaped gadget only needs some water and that’s it!

Pour some water into the cup and insert your dog’s paw in it, give it a few twists and you’re good to go. Clean doggo paws! 👉 Click Here to Buy