How to Unclog a Sink? Solve Your Problems with This Tool

Maintaining a home sure is one icky business! Upon owning a home no one ever really lists all the horrid stuff that happens.

From hair clogging the bathroom sink to the kitchen sink being obstructed with food remnants. Now who really wants to get caught up in this gross task of cleaning the sink? Not me!

And certainly not you either! The mere sight of such scenes is enough to draw a gag from deep within. It is just not possible to keep your sinks clean without an extra hand for help.

No! Don’t go buying a prosthetic arm and use it for unclogging the sink! That’s not what we meant.

There are actually some pretty useful and important pieces of apparatus you need in order to avoid such horrible situations.

‘How to unclog a sink’ is no longer rocket science! But for some, they are completely confused as to how they can get their sinks and drains in working condition.

how to unclog a sink

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Of course, there are multiple ways on how you can accomplish that, you can start by calling a plumber? Or instead, just throw the whole house away and get a new one. That sounds like a grand idea.

But what you really need is a quick and easy solution. A quick fix, so you can go easily and comfortably go on with your usual house chores without sparing another thought about these issues. Here’s what you actually need!

A Plunger Opener Cleaner Kit

plunger opener

What is better than spending hundreds of dollars and calling a plumber? Doing the dirty work yourself and canceling out the dirty factor! This is exactly what you need and it is materialized into an actual product you can buy. A onetime investment brought to you by Inspire Uplift priced at a humble $40 is enough to last you for years at end. And you never need to call up any plumber or male member to pummel with the sink pipes.

The small blue “L” shaped tool works with a pump and trigger feature and is not like most plungers. Instead of inputting your personal manpower, you use the small black handle at the back to pump air into the apparatus. The air is compressed in a small barrel inside the body of the plunger and finds a passage way out once you press the trigger. Every type of obstruction that is sticking about in your pipes can be shot out the way with this plunger gun.

Once you fix the suction pad at the front flat onto the drain and make sure that no air can enter beneath the suction then it will work in the best way ever. Basically here are the steps you have to follow to utilize this took properly:

plunger cleaner

  1. First determine what type of suction pad you will use depending on how big your drain is.
  2. Fix it on to you plunger gun
  3. Use the black handle at the back to pump air into the gun
  4. Fix the suction pad flat onto your drain
  5. Press the orange trigger!

Only for Sinks?

cleaner kit

The best thing about this plunger gun is that it not only works for sinks but with the 4 different suction pads you get with the product, you can also use it for toilets as well. The tool utilizes high-pressure power and can quickly clear away any type of rubbish, hair, grease or cloth that has found an unlucky spot in your drainage system.